Visit a Rehearsal

Come to a Rehearsal

Guests are welcome to view any Valley Shore Acappella rehearsal.

                COVID-19 Alert! :

Due to restrictions of gathering in person to sing, we are now meeting every other week on the Zoom platform for rehearsals.
Email to get the latest link.

Here is the current schedule:

9/16/2020  6pm - 8pm EDT    Zoom Virtual Chorus rehearsal
9/30/2020  6pm - 8pm EDT    Zoom Virtual Chorus rehearsal
10/14/2020  6pm - 8pm EDT  Zoom Virtual Chorus rehearsal
10/28/2020  6pm - 8pm EDT  Zoom Virtual Chorus rehearsal


There are so many reasons to join!  Spend time with a wonderful group of women, learn some amazing, classic songs, and get a chance to perform and strut your stuff!  Come to play and join in the joy of making great music!  Come for the music!  Stay for the friendships!  


You!!!  Come and discover your inner diva!